• How Git2Go uses Git2Go to write Git2Go FAQ articles

    Let’s admit it: managing and writing documentation or FAQ articles is the most boring thing on earth and as a small team of two it is too time consuming. Maybe one day we will have an intern program where people write a lot of FAQ articles but for now we are stuck with ourselves. So how to make it fun and get multiple purposes out of the task?

  • Patience

    A couple of days ago we published our sales numbers from iTunes Connect and some usage data from Git2Go on Medium. We did this for information purposes and to prove our point that there is a market for productivity software out there. I am personally not a fan of keeping things behind closed doors. I think posts like these benefit the community and also inspire other developers to pursue their dream and build other useful apps.

  • Support

    Support can be the hardest and most cumbersome thing when launching an app. I launched some apps before without an integrated support system and got loads of emails which I had to respond to, for Git2Go we went another way.

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